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    • Ever since its establishment, product created by the collaboration of numerous distinguished designs proposed by Hermes, top quality leathers, and excellent skill put to use at the highest level has become the benchmark of worldly renown brands. From Birkin Bags to Kelly Bags which have become identities of Hermes, to casual bags such as Garden Party and Evelyne, to high- end wallets such as the Bearn and Dogon, the will to constantly achieve high quality in every element is representative of the French “La grande maison”. There are none other brand than Hermes that is able to develop product with such high quality leathers and colors in boutiques extended in major cities worldwide such as Paris, New York, Tokyo・Ginza.

      Ever since the time of introduction, the design of bags symbolic of the brand such as the Birkin and Kelly have never changed, while the color and leather variation have extended with every collection introduced. Hermes is a worldly renowned luxury brand at the highest peak where the classical and contemporary co-exists.

      Out of the best leathers carefully selected and obtained by Hermes from all over the world, leathers actually utilized in product development are a very few of the highest quality. There is a wide variety of colors making it difficult to choose where there is a slight differentiation in color formulations due to the material used.

      The attraction to Hermes may also be in the leather and color selection it provides. As a color and leather catalog, introduced here are representative leathers and colors of bags and wallets developed by Hermes.

  • blanc white eprom calfskin Himalaya niloticus crocodile mat himalayagray niloticus crocodile mat black dalmatian buffalo Ombre natural lizard grioret myzore goatskin pearlgrey togo calfskin tourterelle grey togo calfskin etoupe grey togo calfskin Etain grey clemence taurillon elephant grey niloticus crocodile mat dark grey lizard graphite epsom calfskin ardoise swift calfskin bordeaux aligator crocodile rouge h togo calfskin rouge inperial toile officier sienne  togo calfskin vermilion togo calfsikn Rouge venitienne buffalo rouge garance togo calfskin rouge vif ostrich bordeaux veau crispe togo tosca epsom calfskin braise porosus crocodile Rouge Moyen lizard bougainvillier epsom calfskin rosewood clemence taurillon Rose scheherazade alligator crocodile rose tyrien epsom calfskin rose shocking mazore goatskin fuschia pink pink rose dragee feu Sanguine Capucine brique potiron orange orange tangerine rosy cognac gold ocre caramel saffron curry soleil yellow lime parchemin poussiere ficelle beige tabac camel natural etrusque marron dark marron havane prune noisette terre alezan marrondind chocolat cocaon cafe ebony cardamome lichen vert veronese anis green apple green kiwi bluepaon Menthe vertbenghal pelouse green olive green dark green blue indigo marine blue bleu royale bleudepresse bleu abysse saphir blue bleuroy blue de malte thalassa blue mykonos blue electric brighton blue bleuaztec turquoise blue jean Celeste azure blue ciel lagon aqua amethyste iris violet cyclamen parme lilas raisin cassis

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